Dr. Fariba


Dr. Fariba Akbari

Family Physician

M.D, F.R.A.C.G.P


Dr. Fariba is graduated from one of the top worldwide recognised universities in Iran on March 1992. She worked six years in rural areas of Iran that three years of that dedicated her income for helping charities and poor people in that area. She loves to help people and that is the main reason chose to be a medical practitioner.

Afterwards, she worked as a Senior Medical Officer (SMO) in medical/surgical word & Emergency Department of Mount Gambier Hospital in South Australia for near three years.

She was offered to work as a medical registrar at Flinders University but she decided to work in General Practice again and got her speciality qualification as a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners(FRACGP) in 2004.

She is enjoying working as a family physician in Australia. She has been working as the main partner at Biggera Waters Family Practice . She practices not only as a family physician also as a main supervisor to teach medical registrars from GPTQ and fourth year medical students from Griffith University in Gold Coast.

So far, proudly, she has been supervisor of more than 10 Overseas Trained Doctors(OTDs), a few medical students and registrars in Australia.

She is a dedicated and caring doctor who has spent most of her life for helping people in rural & urban areas in different countries worldwide.

Dr. Fariba has helped greatly her husband, Dr Ali to establish a multicultural after hour General Practice in Gold Coast since 2006. Biggera Waters Family Practice is one of the most successful practices in Gold Coast with more than 23,000 patients in its database now.


She is an extremely knowledgeable & caring doctor. She is a multi task family physician and loves to practice in the most areas of General Practice. However, her main interest in General Practice is as follows:


  • Antenatal care & women's health
  • Skin disease / skin cancers
  • Paediatric medicine esp. children with special needs
  • Elderly with chronic medical conditions
  • Refugees' Health

She has"zero tolerance to racism"and   treats her patients based on their medical need. This is her"motto"that we have also used this beautiful motto for Biggera Waters Family Practice. This is the reason that she has the highest rate of patients who have different cultural background at surgery. She treats everybody equally and patients love to see her as they feel comfortable in establishing rapport with her.

Dr Fariba is married with two children. Now, she is working as a part time physician in our surgery on Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays.

She kindly accepts to see our patients at Biggera Waters Family Practice as bulk billing without any out of pocket expenses for them.

Her work e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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