Miss Raisa Mehmedovic

Medical Head Administrator


Raisa was patient of our surgery since she was very young. Afterwards, she showed her interest to work as a medical receptionist in 2012.


She is very polite and helpful to our patients and all medical staff. We are so proud to have Raisa as part of our medical team at Biggera Waters Family Practice.


Afterwards,Raisa has been acting as a head medical administrator at Biggera Waters Family Practice since 2013. She is very friendly with patients as well as medical staff and acting as an excellent team member with high potential of leadership.


Raisa has previously completed a diploma in Justice Administration. However, she loves to help people in field of  treatment and medical management then, she has decided to study nursing. We are pleased to support her during this challenging jounrney to get her qualification.


Great news! She will be working as a Practice Nurse at Biggera Waters Family Practice in near future.


Her work e-mail is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.